Welcome to Indonesia! We are Ontosoroh Coffee

At Ontosoroh we pride ourselves on our high standards of quality. We are committed to sourcing and promoting Indonesia’s finest Arabica, Robusta coffee and many more through transparent and traceable trade.

Our Coffee

Indonesia is the world’s 4th largest coffee producer, where you can find an amazing mix of great Arabicas, fine Robustas, and exotic Excelsa varietals.

Funky, clean or classics? Indonesia has the coffee you need.


Specialty Arabica


Fine Robusta


Excelsa& Liberica

Our Origins

Our great appreciation for the love and effort put in by our producing partners is at the heart of our value. They are our heroes.

Our Services

We offer distinct goods and services for professional coffee needs:

Export Matchmaking

We help international roasters and importers to source the best Indonesian coffee

Local Onto Store

For local Indonesian roasters and customers please find an array of selected green beans and roasted coffee

Tailored Service

From consulting service, to quality control, to freight solution, we can provide you with solutions in delivering your coffee