Toraja Buntu Ledo Transparency 2021/22

Toraja Buntu Ledo Supply Chain Breakdown

This year we source from 30 farmers, of which 7 of them are women farmers. Ontosoroh paid Rp 20.000 per liter of wet parchment (~18% MC) or Rp 22.000 per liter of dry parchement.

The Buntu Ledo Siporannu coop, coordinated by pak Simon To’pa, is responsible for  sourcing coordination, financing disbursement as well as final drying station before transport. For their services, we paid Rp 2.000 – Rp 4.000 per liter of dry parchment.

PT. Pos Logistik is the principal freight forwarder that assist us in transporting the coffee from North Toraja to our warehouse in Yogyakarta.

We, Ontosoroh coffee, handled dry milling, sorting, grading, and packing the coffee before sales.

Toraja Buntu Ledo Price Breakdown

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Additional Information:
  • Buntu Ledo farmers command a higher farm gate price (+20%) compared to local market price of Rp 70.000 – Rp 75.000 per kg GBE for their quality premiums.
  • Farm gate price is relatively stable vs 2020 farm gate price of Rp 85.000