Java Batang Transparency 2021/22

Java Batang Supply Chain Breakdown

Individual farmers collect coffee to Sapta Wening either in cherry or dry pods forms. In cherry, Sapta Wening will give value of Rp 5.000/kg and Rp Rp 30.000/kg for dried pods.

Sapta Wening Collective, coordinated by pak Dewasturi organized drying, milling, and sorting for Ontosoroh. We pay on average Rp 55.000/kg for the finished. The profit that the collective made are redistributed to individual farmers based upon their collected value.

PT. Pos Logistik is the principal freight forwarder that assist us in transporting the coffee from Batang to our warehouse in Yogyakarta.

We do final quality control, packing, and exporting of final product

Java Batang Price Breakdown

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Additional Information:
  • The price that Sapta Wening pays to its farmers are significantly higher than market average, for cherries they pay Rp 5.000/kg vs Rp 3.000 in the market.
  • Locally the market price for Grade 3 Robusta is Rp 15.000, whereas we pay Rp 55.000/kg  for grade I equivalent.