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Java Sunda Tilu has natural conditions that is pristine in its beauty. Wild animals and native plant species are abound. The result is uniquely fresh and floral coffee.

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     From the farthest hamlet in the village of Warnasari, Pangalengan sub-district, Citiis village is the gateway to the jungle door of Mount Tilu. Mr. Asep “mantri”, our her in Citiis village, started preaching and consulting his fellow coffee farmers about high-quality good agricultural practices in coffee since 2017. In doing so, he and a few fellow comrades are changing the habit of producing low-quality, low-profitability of coffee cultivation in the area. Further than that, they also band together and share examples of caring for coffee plantations so that they produce good and profitable coffee.


     We support the group in Citiis village by investing in a micro-mill for the group to process their coffee. The existence of a micro-mill is beneficial in itself for the residents of Citiis village. Since this year, all processing processes starting from garden maintenance, harvesting, milling, drying and sorting process all use labor from residents of Citiis village. Economic activities centered in the village has resulted in additional incomes for the residents.

We want coffee not only for economic activities but also to connect family ties between residents, between mountains
Asep "mantri"
Head Farmers of Java Sunda Tilu


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