Toraja Buntu Ledo

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Toraja coffee farmers here practice old-fashion organically by default practices. The result is a funky and wild taste of terroir.

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Koperasi Sipporranu Buntu Ledo is a collective coffee cooperative based in Buntu Ledo led by Yunus Palungan and Simon To’pa. It was established in 2015 as an effort to gather the families in Buntu Ledo to coordinate the processing and selling of coffee from the village. They now have around 30 members from 5 families and have maintained a high level of cup score (86+ SCA) throughout the years.

Sipporannu means to depend on each other. This is our spirit on organizing into a farmer's cooperative. With a coffee cooperative and collection point close to coffee farms has helped our members to reduce logistics cost and in turn much more focused on processing quality coffee
Yunus Palungan
Manager of Sipporannu Coop


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