Dieng Plateau

Come and explore coffees from Batang Ratamba

Delightful Dieng

The Dieng plateau is a delightful series of highlands that are steeped in ancient history. Now a new generation of youth wants to rejuvenate the agro-economy.

Our Producer Partner

We were introduced to an organization called “Sapto Wening” through an acquaintance in 2017 in Batang, Central Java. Their main mission is to create an economic opportunity for their members through coffee service tourism in the pine forest surrounding their village. In 2016, they started to plant robustas between the pine trees in three plots (1 ha each) and encouraged existing coffee farmers to rejuvenate as well as improve agricultural practices for their robustas.

There is no such thing as too small if we have big dreams. Everything needs a start. and for us the start is simply making the best thing from what is around us.
Coordinator of Sapta Wening


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