Enrekang Toduri

Come and explore coffees from Karangan Angin Angin


Enrekang Toduri is a showcase on how a new generation of coffee farmers are driving the push towards specialty coffee.

Our Producer Partner

Toduri Coffee is a family-owned enterprise founded by Yolan Tirta in 2013. He is a part of the new generation of producers that took on hybrid roles as a coffee farmer, processor, consultant, and financier, as well as, most importantly, the forerunner of the specialty coffee push in Enrekang, despite the hard ecological situation caused by deforestation and global warming..

We are proud and humbled that our coffee has many lovers around the world, especially knowing that we depend on coffee for our livelihoods.
Yolan Tirta
Founder of Toduri Coffee


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We offer limited free stock samples for our clients up to 200 grams of green beans per coffee (maximum 7 samples).