Flores Manggarai

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Flores Manggarai is one of the best fine robusta producing region in the world. Their arabica is also a dark horse.

Our Producer Partner

KSU ASNIKOM is a primary coffee cooperative based in Ruteng, Manggarai, led by Lodovikus Vadirman and Damasus Agas. It was established in 2012 as an evolution from their roots as a farmer’s union and loosely governed collective. Their aim is to improve good governance within their organization with the hopes of improving quality and fetching higher farm gate prices for their members. They now have around 200 active members responsible for 300 hectares of coffee forest.

We are proud and humbled that our coffee has many lovers around the world, especially knowing that we depend on coffee for our livelihoods.
Damasus Agas
Manager of ASNIKOM


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