Luwu Seko

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Luwu Seko is a little known region in the heart of Sulawesi that produces one of Indonesia's best and cleanest coffee.

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We partner with the Luwu Seko Farmer Collective, spearheaded by pak Marhen, a local Torajan coffee merchant with deep familial ties in Seko. For a long time, Seko is severely isolated with the rest of Sulawesi due to poor road infrastructure and difficult terrain, we believe specialty coffee promotion from the area would influence local government to invest in better public access to Seko.

Although Seko is very hard to reach, we know we have a great land here for coffee. God has given us a great land, it is our job to make use of it to the best.
Masyamin T
19-years old Young Coffee Farmer in Seko


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