About Us

Our Vision

Our dream is simple: we want to see coffee farmers have a good living income and be happy with what they do.

Indonesia used to be the coffee barometer of the world. But years of low prices and unfair trade practices have led to neglect. We aim for nothing short of a great, sustainable Indonesian coffee renaissance for our farmer partners.

Traceability of coffee lots

Engaging in community development

Networking with like-minded partners

Transparency in coffee pricing up to the farmer level

Our Tent

What Makes Us Different


High quality assortments of specialty arabica and fine robusta


We constantly introduce new small-undiscovered coffee origin gems.


Facilitator of direct trade between prospective buyers and farmer partners


We invest in community development projects to help alleviate poverty.


We engage in water conservation and agroforestry practices in our origins.


We constantly pay farmers in fair price and above minimum wage income.